Sunday, 8 April 2012

Ive been totally slacking on keeping updated.

hey everyone. So its been awhile since i last wrote but things have been crazy, which has become the new normal. This past week and weekend, we went to a waterfall, and it was crazy! we found a 50 foot jump, and got to jump off. Things are going great. The walk with God is going great too, this week was prayer week, which was crazy, and changed a lot of stuff in the dts. Instead of lectures from 9 to 1, it was very informal and prayer took place 24 7, in 2 and 3 hour shifts. And than had lectures which were just prayer and worship 9 to 1, and night lectures 3 days of the week,so it was very mentally tiring. At the beginning of the week I was super excited to see what God was gonna do. And what kind of crazy encounters i could experience. Throughout the week though things weren't going so well, I had placed expectations on God and when he didn't meet my expectations i got frustrated. "whats wrong with me, i cant hear God, hes not showing up. Then just as the week passed, God just wrecked why i was asking these things of him. I was asking to see God, i wanted him to prove himself to me, i wanted to see him for pride, for all these reasons, and God just told me, He's not gonna show up when my heart isn't right. He'll show up when i legitimately am praying out of love. The next week was prophecy and lifestyle of miracles, it was really challenging coming from such a conservative background, but basically I looked at scripture and there is no reason why God cant perform miracles, theres no reason why someone can prophecy, theres no reason, and seeing things in other countries where the supernatural and spirit realm are so easy to see, is going to be crazy i fully believe God will perform healings, the supernatural, and all sorts of stuff. The next week intimacy with Jesus, in this week Dan Baumann was our speaker (video on youtube) and he is amazing, he has just lived a life committed to Jesus, willing to trust and lean on none of his understandings but Gods. And he has what I want, he has adventure, he has stories of crazy miracles, trials, hardships, and just an overlying joy and happiness about everything, hes been imprisoned in Iran, almost died 3 times, held at gun point, lived in a warzone, travelled the globe at Gods whispering voice, that he wasnt sure of. This mans life is just everything i pictured when listening to God, but im still wrestling with the sacrifice it requires. In the bible it tells us not to build without counting the cost, not to go to war without deciding if we can even win. So Im counting the cost, and in all reality if it came down to my heart, i wouldnt die for christ, i wouldnt sacrifice never seeing family or friends again. I wouldnt sacrifice not having a wife, I wouldnt put my kids in danger. (if i ever have any). I am not willing to lay that down for God, but God knows my heart and he is working with me, he is taking the clay ive given him and is going to shape and mold until his work in me is complete (death) The one thing i love and will take away from Dan is God is the same as he was yesterday today and tomorrow, he loves me the same no matter what i do, i could barely sin today, share the gospel, win a soul to christ, but man he loves me the exact same those days as when i cant do anything right, when i cause others to stumble, when i encourage sin. and thats real christianity, not rules, not doing "spiritual things' not reading my bible a certain amount or praying for an hour, its about the prince of peace, who came for me, and came for you. The other thing Dan showed me is God just cares about the small stuff, following God isnt about just sharing the gospel every day, God knows our heart and wants us to have fun, he created those desires, he created the desire to enjoy cars, or adventure, and those who seek him and love him, he will fulfill the desires of their hearts. Finally this last week was The Living Word, bible, bible and more bible. Wow God has been busy these past few thousand years.. Ya it was just so interesting to wrestle with hard issues of the bible. Other than that we have been living it up! finally getting better at surfing, recently just climbed glasshouse mountains, been doing some crazy stuff.

Thanks for your prayers, Thanks for your support.

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